Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hi Everybody

Hi jammers, I know I haven't been posting alot, well, it's because I am busy. I have school, soccer ect. I would post, but I just don't have the time to do it alot. I am also pretty addicted to this site callled Chicken Smoothie. you can find me alot on there but I am a COPPA user, so I can't post on any of the forums, except Oekaki. But please, I appreciate trades on there, in fact, I have the perfect idea. You guys can vote.

- Animal Jam Fire gets merged as a Chicken Smoothie and Animal Jam site.(3 votes)

- I have a seperate Chicken Smoothie site and keep Animal Jam Fire as it is.(5 votes)

It's your choice, note that you can only vote once. But please comment, and when we reach to 30,000 views, I'll try to post on here more often. Please comment!


  1. merge! its easier than 2 blogs!

  2. Hmmmm... I think make a separate one of CS and keep AJF as it is!


  3. Hey bigcats! It's magic! If you need any help with your blog let me know! I would love to be a author if u need me too! :)

    1. Hey magic remember me frost1413?


    2. LOL yes i do remember you! And miss you <3


    3. Hey I no longer own frost1413 account I got banned because of some refund thing well whatever my new user is frostsapphire hope to see you soon! Miss ya magic!


  4. Yes, Yes, Yes, please! I just need your blog email.

  5. Hey bigcats its me frost i think you should merge your blog it would be easier for u also hi how is soccar going?


  6. yea i think Animal Jam and CS should be a separated thing, but believe me, IT IS SO TEMPTING TO POST ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! :P Twinfire

  7. I would like them to merged. Cuz i play Chicken Smoothie

  8. Separate now Ya it's better

  9. Awesome beans sperate!!!!! I love beans num num


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