Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beta items!

 This is going to be a long Beta post so please read carefully!
                                                                  Beta Tiaras:

Well, everyone knows the items Tiara and Rare Tiara, right? Well, I was looking in Jamaa and I saw someone in Jamaa Township with a Beta Green Tiara, but it's not any normal Green Tiara.
Compare these two pictures.
                                                              Green Tiara that is in stores

                                                                        Beta Green Tiara
Sorry for the bad quality with the Beta Tiara. Anyways, there might not be much of a difference, except, if you look at the gems of the Tiara's, the Beta Tiara has a Blue gem and the Green Tiara in stores has a Red gem.

                    There is another Beta Tiara I want to show you. Compare these to pictures.

                                                          Normal Tiara in stores

                                                                      Beta Tiara
Again sorry for the bad quality with the Beta Tiara. Anyways, the gem of the Tiara's are the same. But, if you look closely, the Beta Tiara is more of a lavender like color than the normal Tiara. Now, I have been doing research, and I looked at my first Beta post. I remembered there was a picture of a Tiara.
There is probably another Beta Tiara running loose in Jamaa. It's probably white and has a Blue gem.

                                                                    Beta Old Blanket/ Rare Old Blanket:
OK, you probably heard of the Beta Blanket. The truth is, it was never actually from Beta but people still call it the Beta Old Blanket. Now, there is also a Green Old Blanket in stores but it is not the same type of green. Compare these to pictures.

                                                                         Green Old Blanket in stores

                                                              Beta Old Blanket
The Beta Blanket has a lighter shade of green. That's the only difference. AJHQ randomly took out the color of the Beta Old Blanket. No one knows why, though.

                                                                Beta Arctic Hood:
One day a random person sent LoveLost an Arctic Hood, but it wasn't any Artic Hood... It was a Beta Arctic Hood! Although there are two Arctic Hoods that are in stores and they look like the Beta Arctic Hood. Compare these pictures.

                                                              Arctic Hoods in stores

Beta Arctic Hood

Do you see the difference? The Beta Arctic Hood has a light turquoise color and a green mark. Again, I have been doing my research and also on my first post I found this picture.

That Arctic Hood from Beta is the same as the Beta Arctic Hood. AJHQ just made the colors darker. Also , in my second Beta post, I found this picture.
The Beta Arctic Hood!

Skullys were the first tail item! They were released in Beta but when Beta ended Skullys disappeared. No one knows why. Here is a picture of Skullys!
They look cool!
Blankets were released in Beta! Like Skullys, they disappeared when Beta ended. Although, only one Blanket survived. They became well known in Best Dressed. Here is a picture of a Blanket.

                                                                    Pirate Sword:
Pirate Swords were discovered by most jammers a very short time ago. Just like Skullys and Blankets, they were available in Beta but disappeared. No one knows why but one managed to survive. Pirate Swords are non member swords. Here is a picture of one!

                                                                    Tan Carpet:
Tan Carpets are Beta items. They were only for Beta dens. When Beta was over, AJ forgot to fix it. When they're on Trade lists, they look like Brown Tiles. But you can tell the difference by, Tan Carpets are non member, Brown tiles are member. Here are pictures of Tan Carpets.

Tan Carpets look weird in today's dens.

                                                                      Top Hats:
In Beta, there were to colors of Top Hats that were only available in Beta. They are Grey and Green. Here are some pictures of the two Top Hats.

There were one pair of wings that were only available in Beta. They have a grey color.

Unicorn Horn:
Now, I am not sure if this is Beta or not, but I believe it is. Again, I believe this color was only available in Beta.

Sorry that the picture is bad quality and that I didn't get the full Unicorn Horn.
                                                                 Panda Hat:
This Panda hat is like the Beta Hood. Except, that it changed into a darker color and the darker color is in stores.

                                                                     Rhino Helmet:
Rhino Helmets in Beta were called Spartan Helmets. This color Rhino Helmet was only available in Beta.

                                                                  Gazelle Horn:
This Gazelle Horn, again, was only available in Beta.

That's all I can find, jammers!



  1. I miss Beta Days

  2. rare rhino helmet

  3. Sweet!! I know some of these were made again for the "rare item Monday". But, only came in one color, for example the rhino helemet: Came in light blue. I also know that for a while in the beta days, they had lime green items, which would be considered rare later when Animal Jam beta days were history. I hope this came helpful :D

  4. Great, but there are black, red and blue worn! freedom wings too

  5. I wish they'd bring beta days back! The only beta items I have are nonmember bat wings and 3 swords plus an old so old beta den! Like the one you saw in the picture with the bunny on it I found a way to preserve it! It's a glitch that will stay forever :)

  6. Its A Bow And Arrow A Beta?
    I Have A Silver/White Bow And Arrow....Is It A Beta?
    It Came On Christmas... But Will It Come This Christmas?
    Answer Theses Questions... Plz ^

    1. No, Bow and Arrows aren't Beta. they came in December 2011. don't know if it will come this Christmas though...

  7. please add me! im pokemaster456 and i really like your blog!

  8. I have a rasberry bow is that beta? Plz reply thanks :D

  9. i want beta days back!

  10. Is there a way i can get a beta item or even den?


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