Monday, May 7, 2012

Returned, Rare monday, and more items!

I got back from my vacation and I had a fun time! Now lets go to the items.

                                                               In the Spooky Party
                                                                Scary Unicorn Horn
                                                                   Skeleton Throne
                                                                         In Sunken Treasures
                                                                       Ship Tie-Off
                                                            Underwater Fire Pit

                                                                In Epic Wonders
                                                         Golden Bow And Arrows
                                                 Finally another clothing items in Epic Wonders! Bow and Arrows are one of my favorite items too! :D

                                                                  And last, Todays Rare
                                                                Rare Heart Locket
                                            It is available in the Shiveer Shoppe on the second page. The Shiveer Shoppe is located in the Cocoa Hut
That's it I believe!


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