Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LoveLost's Awesome Beta pictures!

LoveLost made and found these awesome Beta pictures! They are awesome! First the ones she created:

LoveLost worked very hard on these! The one in the left is a Green Top Hat. They were available in Beta but for some reason deleted. The one on the right is Grey Wings. They were also available in Beta but were deleted.

LoveLost also found these items that were available in Jam Mart Clothing.
 A Top Hat, Wings, Viking Hat, Skull Helmet, Mask, and a Necklace.
 A Flower Bracelet, Elf Bracelets, Leaf Necklace, Pirate Beard, Princess Necklace, and the deleted tail item, Skullys.
A Ninja Mask, Monkey Hat, Panda Hat, Rhino Helmet, Big Skull, and a Artic Hood. Look that the Artic Hood is a Beta Artic Hood! LoveLost is so cool!



  1. nice blog i really like the color and what was your main animal before lions came out i have been itching to know i cant imagine big cats forever a wolf maybe it was a tiger i asume?

    1. It was actually both tiger and bunny.

  2. I miss the beta days i never got to see them i want nm wings and members are to mean to give me nm wings a jammer called kingfin shouted at me that he would not put them on trade so what should i do bigcatsforever oh yea ur lion is very cool

    1. by the way im emporercuteseal and my storage account is finnygee ROCK,IN THE TOP HAT



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