The Animals I Created!

Hi jammers! This is the page where you can look at my animals! Please do not copy their looks, for I took a long time to make these! Here are my animals!

                                                               Incredible Grandruler
Incredible is my favorite out of all the animals I have. He has my most prized item to me, the Founder's Hat. He is very kind to everybody but can sometimes get a little aggravated. He is very protective of his friends. He is yellow with a cream mane and a light green star pattern. He wears a Founder's Hat, a yellow Rare Spiked Collar, a yellow Clover Blanket, and a cream Legendary Glove.
Captain Frozenspirit
Captain is an adorable little bunny. He loves to dress up. He has a wonderful personality, caring about friends and just having fun! The Beta Arctic Hood is my third most prized possession. He is turquoise with orange ears and a light blue lightning bolt pattern. He wears a Beta Arctic Hood, a light blue Leaf Necklace, Orange Royal Cape, turquoise Elf Bracelets, and blue Elf Tail Armor
Commander Cleverclaws
Commander is very special to me because my best friend in real life and on AJ (frost1413), were twins with this look before she was hacked. This wolf's main look (Fox Hat, Bow and Arrows, and color) will never change. He is Turquoise with a blue underbelly and a white swirl pattern. He wears a blue Fox Hat, a blue Leaf Necklace, blue Bow and Arrows, blue Elf Bracelets, and blue Elf Tail Armor.
Crashing Magicbuddy
Crashing is a cute, yet cautious seal. He will attack if in danger. He loves to play on land with his friends! His favorite land in Jamaa is Crystal Sands. He is yellow with a cream nose and a green swirl pattern. He wears a yellow Rhino Helmet, a green Leaf Necklace, a yellow Clover Blanket, a cream Glove, and a green Elf Tail Armor.

Crashing is a little bit more carefree in the oceans. Although, he still will attack if in danger. His favorite ocean is Crystal Reef. Underwater, he wears a yellow Propeller Hat, yellow Bioluminesect Necklace, yellow Superhero Cape, and a yellow Clover Trident.
Emperor Shiverspirit
Emperor is an Arctic Wolf, one of the first of his species. He loves to be with other jammers, but doesn't like to get crowded. He may look tough and mean but he is actually really nice! He is yellow with a white mane and a red rectangular pattern. He wears yellow Antlers, a yellow Rare Spiked Collar, yellow Dual Samurai Swords, a Golden Legendary Glove, and a yellow Raccoon Tail. 
Little Fastjoy
Little is a very peppy fox. He loves to have fun and is very interested  in ancient Jamaa history.When he needs help, he will signal other foxes with his flag. He is orange with a white underbelly and a light green star pattern. He wears a Rare Top Hat, a green Leaf Necklace, a green Flag, a Golden Legendary Glove, and green Elf Tail Armor.
Incredible Happycat
He is personally, a bat cat. He acts just like a bat, literally! He is very lazy during the day, and sleeps upside down.Although, on some occasions, he does sleep on the ground. He is black with a white underbelly and dark red stripes. He wears a Bat Mask, Red Leaf Necklace, Rare Wings, and Black Elf Bracelets.
                                                                                  Daredevil Magicfriend
Daredevil likes to play with Explorer, since their families are native to Jamaa. Daredevil's tribe likes the colors purple, white, and blue. Daredevil is purple, with a white face, and a navy blue leaf pattern. He wears a Rare Head Feather, a Rare Lei, Purple Wings, Turquoise Elf Bracelets, and Blue Elf Tail Armor.
Leaping Snowymoon
Leaping is Prince of the Forest and the underworld. He has the powers of lava, darkness, grass, and healing. He may rule the underworld but he is not evil. Leaping is yellow, with an orange belly, and black rosettes. He wears a black Big Skull, yellow Rare Spiked Collar, black Wings, and a cream Legendary Glove.
Enchanted Templeghost
Enchanted is cool, calm, and loves music. He likes to be around people and perform songs. He is yellow with a white belly and cream rosettes. He wears a yellow DJ Headset, cream Leaf Necklace, Golden Bow and Arrow, and a Golden Legendary Glove.
 Happy Tinypanda
First of all, I think we all are pretty sure that Happy is a REALLY fluffy panda. He is cute cuddly, and a very sweet panda. He gives everyone a hug if they are chilly. He is cream with a white body and a yellow swirl pattern. He wears a yellow Arctic Hood, yellow Arctic Coat, yellow Heart Locket, and tan Elf Bracelets

Crouching Futuremoon
My friend on AJ like the Mario games. She is known as Koopy and crouching is known as Goomby. Crouching is all brown, he wears light blue Angel Wings.

Awesome Arcticcloud
 Awesome is probably one of the tallest animals in Jamaa. He may be tall, but he is nice to everyone! If someone needs help finding something, we is there for you! Awesome is a Dark pale purple, Light purple tail, and green giraffe spots. He wears a dark purple Mech Angel Helmet, green Leaf Necklace, Rare Worn Blanket, green Glove, and green Elf Tail Armor.
Grand Fierystar
Grand is a magical wizard and lives at the top of Mt. Shiveer.  Pass the test, and you can come to his cave. He will give you one free potion. He is light orange with a cream tail and a yellow star pattern. He wears an orange Wizard Hat, yellow Heart Locket, orange Royal cape, and a cream Glove
Infinity Shiverpaw
Just like how Incredible Happycat s addicted to bats, Infinity is addicted to dragons! He loves dragons! In fact, for his birthday, he wants to breathe fire! Infinity is blue with a white belly, and navy splotches. He wears a Rare Dragon Mask, silver blue Leaf Necklace, Rare Homeade Wings, Freedom Bands, and blue Elf Tail Armor.
Professor Quietgem
Professor thinks some phantoms are not evil at all. In fact, he has some phantoms as friends, and these phantoms are against attacking Jamaa! He is black with white ears and a dark grey moon pattern. He wears a Phantom Hat, black Heart Locket, white Jamaaliday Bow, and grey Elf Bracelets.

Knight Rockyclaws
Knight's kind was almost extinct in Jamaa. Kind people have donated to help monkeys and they're back! Knight is velvet red, with a cream face, and light purple stars. He wears a gold Mech Angel Helmet, yellow Rare Spiked Collar, Rare Worn Blanket, and a cream Glove.

Expert Hikingscout
Expert loves learning about vikings! He wants to know about their adventures, and secrets! He is a velvet red with a white belly and a black star pattern. He wears a red Viking Helmet, red Leaf Necklace, Rare Wings, and black Elf Bracelets.

Explorer Canyonninja
Explorer was from ancient Jamaa, He led a Native Jamaa tribe. He was the leader. The Alphas asked if rhino can join Jamaa and he said sure! He is orange with a white horn and a green swirl pattern. He wears an orange Headdress, green Leaf Necklace, orange Bow and Arrows, Rare Leg Armor.
Infinity Quietcloud
Infinity loves Halloween. He dresses up for Halloween each year! He is swift in the ocean, but he needs more practice on the land. He is greay with a dark green belly and a black fire pattern. He wears a grey Witch Hat, black Heart Locket, Rare Shark Fin, and grey Elf Bracelets. Underwater, he wears a Green Skeleton Mask, Green Skeleton Suit, and a black Trident.
Crouching Magicstar
Crouching is the happiest dolphin in Jamaa! He loves bright colors, and happy people! He is Dolphin blue, with a white belly, and icy blue starfish pattern. He wears yellow Horns, yellow Bioluminesect Necklace, blue Clover Cape, and a yellow Clover Trident.


  1. You miss-typed some words,Big Cats!

  2. opps you put on the land part he has a leaf necklace and rare spiked collar!


  3. wow those are cool!! i wish i was a member...:(

    my user name is icetiger54321 and......GO WOLFS!!!!

  4. wow! you have amazing rares!.. sorry i did the dot thing, i don't have good rarez oh and also, ur animals look kewl!

  5. what happened to our wolves we looked the same why u change!???? i am still ur friend i just was sad please forgive me :)



  6. again were friends :) making new memories again


  7. Frost, give it up. BigCats just wants to be different! TWINFIRE/CLOUDEON P.S., Bigcats, are we still doing the play? I have a new one if you don't want to do that one!

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  8. I love your blog. Wish you were 1 of my bffs. I Have a blog too!!

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  10. All of your animals looks so awesome and unique! x3

  11. u r the rarest jammer i've ever seen. if u ever get non member bat wings, could u plz meet up with me so i could try to trade u 4 them? and also, plz buddy meh :)


    1. Thank you, but I am pretty sure there are other people rarer than me. :) I wish I still had my black top.. >.<

  12. ur still awesome. :)


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  14. Nice animals! Do you have any others? I wish I could be a member.


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