Sunday, August 12, 2012

How To Recieve The Mysterious Plaques!

Hi jammers! AJHQ released how to earn the Mysterious Plaques!

Artist Plaque:
To recieve the Artist Plaque, your artwork has to appear in Jammer Central.

AJHQ Plaque:
To recieve the AJHQ Plaque, you need to send a letter (Emails do not count, ite needs to be a real letter with paper and an envelope. Make sure to include your username).

Contest Plaque:

To recieve the Contest Plaque, you need to win one of AJHQ's Contests.

Howl Plaque:
To recieve the Howl Plaque, you need one of your Howls to appear in Jammer Central.

That's how you recieve the Plaques!


  1. Wow thanks for telling us! this is really helpful!
    -TheSafari07 :)

  2. Congrats on your signature, as well as the post! Does the plaques appear in a Jam a Gram or what?

  3. thx 4 the tips!!!!!


  4. Hiya i miss u and i shall not state my name guess who i am and comment me back


    1. kk thanx alot for the tips :)


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