Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Year party!

A new party is in Jamaa with all new exitement!! The Leap Year party!!!!! Here are the details.
The slide is my favorite! There is also a Claw with Lion Plushies! OMG THERE IS TWO STORES! I think we should go look!

Epic items! What do you think about this new party?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rare Mondays!

Before you read this! Make sure you give LoveLost all the credit!!!!!!!!
Rare Mondays are here. And AJ says its the Lionfish Items him... Here are pictures taken by Love Lost! Make sure you give her the credit!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purple Worn!!!!

There is a purple worn on aj and smileygirl11 has it! Here is a pic!
Isn't it epic? Thats it! Bye jammers!

Imposter and a wierdo.. =.=

Yes I have a imposter now!His bunny looks nothing like my bunny but its user is almost the same! Beware of BigCatsFoever121! Thats is not me! Here is a picture of him
Also, I was in Coral Canyons being bored. All of the sudden someone came up to me and said I scammed HER!! She said I sammed her Royal Cape and Rare Spiked Collar. Well I can tell you right now how I got them both! When it was the Monthly Gift I got a Rasberry Collar. I traded that for green and traded green for blue. Then traded it it for a black wrist band. Then traded it back for blue and traded blue for a yellow collar and wristband. I traded them both for a Yellow Rare Spiked Collar. Here is how I got my Royal Cape. We were in May's waterpark den when she gave me a Orange Royal Cape. I told her I would never trade it. And I never traded it. The person that accused me of scamming's user is beast979. Here is a pic of her.
So beware of them! Bye jammers!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fake rumors

There ave been rumors of me scamming. NOT TRUE. Don't believe them. I never did anything wrong. To my dearest friends, please don't believe this nonsense. You know I would never scam and never will. Please don't believe these lies. I hope you understand. If people keep calling me a scammer I still won't quit.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hiya! So, you know if you press play underwater with a penguin bubbles come out. Well, I will teach you how to change them! First get a penguin and go underwater. Then press play.
Do you remember the Skeleton Suit from Halloween? If you were it you get black bubbles!

If you want to know what I said in the speech bubble was :l. If you change you pattern to the fire pattern and you change the colors, you get bubbles of that color!

I will take more pictures with all the colors! Bye jammers! :D

Monday, February 20, 2012


Yes I know this is late but. I really like Pokemon now. I have a pokemon blog. Here is the Link. Pokemon Forever! Anyways new items are in Jamaa! The Rare item is. -drumroll-
Fox hats! :D Remeber they are ONLY availible to day. Or will they like the last update? Anyways they are found in Jam Mart Clothing. Also in Jam Mart Clothing.

Hat and Curly Wigs! Yes a classic. Here to celebrate President Day. Last but not least in Jam Mart Furniture.

A Dinner Stool and a Cherry Tree! Thats it for now! Bye jammers!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waterpark den glitch!

=Super Update! This glitch is over!
There is a waterpark den glitch! It works in any waterpark just not the Heatwave party. If you go on the bottom left slide you teleport to another part of a den. If you go on the bottom right slide you teleport to the bottom left slide.  Here are some pictures! These pictures were taken in pool54321's den but the glitch works in any waterpark den.

Thats it, bye jammers!


If you didn't know I played Beta Animal Jam. I now forgot my Beta animal jam account so bigcatsfoever came to be. Also these pictures were taken by LoveLost. So don't give me the credit give Love Lost the credit. The first pictures is the Beta Jam Mart Clothing.

Look how it is compared to Jam Mart Clothing today.I remember the Artic hood! I wore it all the time! The Monkey Hats in Early Beta did not change much as they are now. Panda hats had w very white body and navy blue spots. They also had a tongue. Rhino Helmets were a Tan Brown with light reddish horns. Back then they were called Spartan Helmets.The big Skulls were different from the eyes. The Artic Hood is a very light Artic Hood!!! Tiaras were lighter than before. The white was different.The next picture is Wind Rider.

 Look how it is compared to today.The backgroung of Wind rider is different it had trees and branches sticking out. Also notice the wolf is a Beta color.The next picture is of the old Jamaa Township.
Now compare  todays Jamaa Township with Beta's. Look at the icons. They are different. Wierd right.Instead of the Jammer Central there was a big round rock.

Compare the two Beta Zios pictures with the current on. Do you see in the seccond picture of Zios? The koala Darling Peachyflower? If you look closely she has a rare Beta only pattern! Its a leopard pattern! She also has Tan Gazzelle Horns!! Also the Zios pit is not there. Its replaced by a monkey. Maybe the monkey is Zios!

Compare the two pictures. Wow the Beta den. 3 stories high.Do you wish we still had Beta dens?

Compare the two pictures. Club Geoz was flipped backwards in Beta.

Compare the two pictures. Crystal Sands was not remolded in Beta. Leaf Neckalaces were also lighter.

Compare the two pictures. Sarepia Forest was just called Sarepia and it was a darker color.

Compare the two pictures. The Chamber of Knowledge was called Chamber of Mysteries. Also notice the wolf has a green top hat! And I also notice there are no tigers in the Beta pictures. Were there tigers in early Beta?? Thats it, bye jammers!

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