Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yes jammers penguins are here! But it is a disappointment. They are for members! Sorry for you non members. To make you feel better. How about the Jamaa Journal?

Sorry some parts are cut off. Hmm ,what could the big surprise for leap year be?
Lets look at Jam Mart Clothing.

Medusa Masks used to be 900 gems... NOW THEY ARE 1500 GEMS!!!!!
OK lets be calm. New music and in Appondale

A penguin Banner! :L
At the mystery emporium
And look at the new plushies!

Aww so cute. And at the Heatwave party shop...

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! There is a NEW HEATWAVE PARTY!! YAY! Here are the latest pics of the new party.

The Heatwave party is based in the WaterPark den! It is a little bit bigger and its very colorfull!!!
Thats it, Bye jammers!!!!!!

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  1. I just love the penguins! OMG! I was disappointed that it was for Members.. But hey, I got my picture for the Valentine Postcard on Jammer Central! It's last, though... :l lol


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