Friday, December 14, 2012

~Imperative .-.
(I may stop blogging too, I'm not sure yet tho..)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lit Palm Trees, News, & More!

Hi Everyone!
I went to school today, and didn't feel like posting today.. :/ I sort of just wanted to play on Animal Jam, but I have to post, since BigCats didn't. Well onto our new items, and Jamaalidays Gift..
Today's Jamaalidays Gift Was A Tiny Gingerbread House!
AJHQ Even Made A Post About It.
AJHQ Even Picked A New Epic Den! Congrats!

We also have a jammer-favorite new item today!

A Scarf!

The Scarf Comes In Many Colors! So I Thought I Would Show You Guys!


Light Blue~




Dark Purple~


Lots of colors to pick from right?
I almost forgot :O
Don't Be Tardy For The Party!
What? Breathless & Cair's Wedding!

What Time? 4:00 P.M. Centeral Time.

Why? Ask The Almost-Married Couple.
Will Be Recorded? Yes.

Who Can Come? Anyone!
Happy Jamaalidays & See You At The Party/Wedding!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Stuff XU

Hi Jammers! XU
Imperative here.. sorta, I haven't really been myself, I'm sort of sick, so I had to stay home from school today, but this post is late because I slept the whole day.
Today's Jamaalidays Gift is an  Anemone Head Bow!
But, I sort of experienced this glitch when I went online today.
They recycle for 105 Gems, which isn't bad right?
Here is AJHQ'S post about it.
Meanwhile, Today's Monday Item was Reindeer Antlers.
This is just one of those items I wouldn't recommend on buying you know? I mean seriously, in my opinion I don't like the color. >_<
Here is AJHQ's post about it.
In Jamaa Today, I haven't seen much excitement around this item.
Weird right?
Here are some of the colors of the  Anemone Head Bows I got as Jam-A-Grams today, since I got on so late today.
I Put Them All On Trade So You Can See Them All.
I have quite a lot as you can see. ^.^
Well, Happy Jamaalidays Everbody!
Merry Christmas from Imperative, and TayTayTheEpicX3!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday News! 12/9/2012

Hi Everyone!
Imperative here with Sunday News!
Today's Jamaalidays Gift Is 500 Gems!
AJHQ Even made a post about it!
We also have a special new item returning in the Jamaa Clothing Shop!
The Annual Jamaalidays Bow!
This is actually a personal favorite of mine, I usually have 1 on everyone of my animals.
The New Den Item Today Is Paw Print Candy, Avaliable For Non Members!
This was sold last year at the Jamaalidays Jam!
When I went this morning to check the Daily Item, this happened to me.
Has any of you jammers out there experienced this?
Remember to comment your answers.
Question Of The Week:
What Glitch Is Your Favorite?
Well that's all for today jammers, Happy Jamming!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Light Of The Cold Night

Hi jammers! Bigcats heer! I am sure you all know Imperative, our new author. Well, I may start to post items, if I miss a day, she will post them. We both will post cool or neat things we find in Jamaa! Anyways, here are today's item!

Today's Daily Gift for the Jamaalidays is...
Here is AJHQ's post about it!
At Epic Wonders:
Three Horned Armor
At Jam Mart Furniture:
Reindeer Poop
Those are the items! Here are some other posts AJHQ posted!

There is also new merchandise at AJ Outfitters!
What do you think about everything today? Comment what you think!

Friday, December 7, 2012

MagicDream 4 a Comeback

~Imperative *Extremely Annoyed*

New Author & Friday News!

Hi Everyone!
Imperative here, also known as a new author of the Animal Jam Fire! Huge Thanks To BigCats for making me an author!
Yes, I have my ways in blogging, such as I intend to do long posts, daily posts, etc, but I like Daily Posts the best because it gives me something to do everyday.
Now onto the New Jamaalidays Item Today!
The Candy Cane Lights!
It's good to see this Jamaalidays Gift returning.
AJHQ Also made a post about it.
**Click To Read**
Today we also have a Daily Item, a Candle Ornament!
How Sweet, another decoration to put up on your 600 Gem Christmas Tree! ^.^
AJHQ Also posted about Awesome Jammer's Art.
Since you are all aware of the update yesterday, we can now move our animals with Arrow Keys along our Key Board! Pretty cool right?
Another post AJHQ posted about was a New News Crew Assignment!
Lastly, AJHQ now has a better quality video of the "Returning Of The Alphas" Video.
Click the link to go straight to the video. Also in the video you might notice Liza looks a lot different then what she normally looks like when she greets you when you first join Animal Jam. Well that is true, you can now see Liza The Panda in 3D when you make another jamtastic animal jam account, take a look!
Question Of The Day: Do you really think the Alphas are coming back to Jamaa?
Remember To Comment Your Answers!
Happy Jamming Everyone!

Darkness In Jamaa!

Hi jammers! Today, something REALLY weird has happened. I was in Jamaa Township visiting my friend Imperative (who is also a new author of AJF). Although, I notices something different about Jamaa, can you point it out?
OK, pretty obvious right? Jamaa is being sucked into a Black Hole! What do you jammers think about this weird wacky glitch?


Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hi evweryone! With today's update today, when you want to buy a new animal, the screen has changed! Watch!
Arctic Wolves:
Snow Leopards:

Rainbow Links

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