My Pets I Created!

 Bluewings is my first pet ever! He is the greatest dog a cat can ever have! And he wears a Pirate Hat, a Ninja Mask, and a Sword! He is very protective.
 Yellowwings is a cute little tired kitty. He is usually tired 24/7. So he wear a little cute outfit. A sleeping hat and a bow.
 Greenwings is a very scientific little ducky.He loves to create things and he puts his creations in the little bag he is carrying. He wears goggles, a top hat, and a little bag with a stick.
 Zippywings loves to fly around the sky.He sometimes goes to outer space! He wears a rocket,and a Top Hat. One day Zippy was playing with his butterfly friends when suddenly, his wings turned into fire wings!
 His name says it all. Grumpywings is grumpy. That's why he flies away from people. He wears special goggles to not see anybody and he wears a Viking Hat to not hear a thing. One day Grumpywings was having a bad day. He wished he had wings to fly. Then once he said that he grew wings.
 Have you heard of Chewywings? Well he is a pop star hamster. His hamster parents left him alone and bats saw him. The bats took Chewywings to there home and raised him. That's how he got his wings. Chewy wears a Bandanna and glasses.
Flyingwings loved scaring people on Day Of The Phantoms. All of the bats only come to Jamaa on day of the phantoms. Suddenly he got bored of scaring people and wanted to help people. So his black wings turned rainbow. But the skull on his head is stuck forever.
 Megawings is Rudolph's unpopular brother. He was tired of everyone liking Rudolph. He wanted someone who cared about him. So he came to me. I took him in. I said" My oh my." You are so cute!". He has lights on his ears and he has a glowing red nose. He wears a wreath around his neck.
 Metalwings is our latest edition. He heard there was a big party in Lost Temple of Zios. But everyone said he was to young so he went anyways. When he got there the party started. He was sad and wanted someone to care for him. He slithered towards my direction and asked me if I wanted him to be his pet. I agreed. Metal wings loves ice cream! He wears a Helmet, a sword and a ice cream cone on his tail!
 Hyperwings was a stray seahorse. I saw him and asked him if he wanted to be my pet. He said yes. He doesn't do a lot or talk a lot. He wears a Pirate Hat, glasses and wings.

Crunchywings loves to cook food! That's the only thing he does and talks about. . His light is a burning marshmallow and his fins are made out of fire.
Jellywings is a crazy, fun loving Jellyfish! He is very kooky and is sometimes very clumsy. He loves the fresh oceans! Jellywings wears a Scuba Mask, Flower Headband, and a Toy Windmill!
Circlewings loves to catch bugs and eat carrots! He reacts fast. He wears a carrot hat and has a net.
Oceanwings is the Angel of the Arctic. He loves hanging out in Mt.Shiveer. He wear an Arctic Hood and Angel Wings. Ocean also likes going under water!

Superwings is an peppy happy, excited monkey! He loves to eat bananas!
Quickwings loves to be around pirates, and cars. He has a special green aura that illuminates his body.
Microwings is adorable He is a wizard.

These are bigcatsfoever's pets. Please do not copy them. And the only reason all of there last name is wings is because I am bored. :l


  1. Replies
    1. why do almost all your animals have wings in the name ? and if by any chance if you might have a headdress i would like one please
      (if you will give me one i am catkitty1234 thanks)

  2. bigcats this is ur friend XxRawrXD, remember?


  3. um all your animals have the word (wings) in them. the first one doesn't look like all the others. please explain that

  4. I just like them to have the name wings in them. What do you mean the first one doesn't look like the others. If you're talking about the quality, it's because I took it with my 3DS and I deleted him before I knew how to take screen shots.

  5. Really Epic Pets!:D
    I used to be a member and had a reindeer,duck,and dog.Pets are really awesome,lol,my parents won't let me keep a dog in the house so having one on AJ earlier(before my membership was expired)was really pawsome for me.
    P.S.-To tell you the truth about the Wings part,I think that awesome to have your pets like that.
    Sincerely,Likiroe(who types to much)

  6. hi BCF, i am a member and i have a TON of pets, but not as much as you! if anyone wants to buddy me, my user is Mattie5253 and im a fox named Rosy Quietpaw. see ya jammers! >u<
    P.S. i also like how they all have "wings" on the name. mine arent themed like that.

    - Rosy Quietpaw-


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