Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday News! 12/9/2012

Hi Everyone!
Imperative here with Sunday News!
Today's Jamaalidays Gift Is 500 Gems!
AJHQ Even made a post about it!
We also have a special new item returning in the Jamaa Clothing Shop!
The Annual Jamaalidays Bow!
This is actually a personal favorite of mine, I usually have 1 on everyone of my animals.
The New Den Item Today Is Paw Print Candy, Avaliable For Non Members!
This was sold last year at the Jamaalidays Jam!
When I went this morning to check the Daily Item, this happened to me.
Has any of you jammers out there experienced this?
Remember to comment your answers.
Question Of The Week:
What Glitch Is Your Favorite?
Well that's all for today jammers, Happy Jamming!

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