Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Stuff XU

Hi Jammers! XU
Imperative here.. sorta, I haven't really been myself, I'm sort of sick, so I had to stay home from school today, but this post is late because I slept the whole day.
Today's Jamaalidays Gift is an  Anemone Head Bow!
But, I sort of experienced this glitch when I went online today.
They recycle for 105 Gems, which isn't bad right?
Here is AJHQ'S post about it.
Meanwhile, Today's Monday Item was Reindeer Antlers.
This is just one of those items I wouldn't recommend on buying you know? I mean seriously, in my opinion I don't like the color. >_<
Here is AJHQ's post about it.
In Jamaa Today, I haven't seen much excitement around this item.
Weird right?
Here are some of the colors of the  Anemone Head Bows I got as Jam-A-Grams today, since I got on so late today.
I Put Them All On Trade So You Can See Them All.
I have quite a lot as you can see. ^.^
Well, Happy Jamaalidays Everbody!
Merry Christmas from Imperative, and TayTayTheEpicX3!

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