Friday, December 7, 2012

New Author & Friday News!

Hi Everyone!
Imperative here, also known as a new author of the Animal Jam Fire! Huge Thanks To BigCats for making me an author!
Yes, I have my ways in blogging, such as I intend to do long posts, daily posts, etc, but I like Daily Posts the best because it gives me something to do everyday.
Now onto the New Jamaalidays Item Today!
The Candy Cane Lights!
It's good to see this Jamaalidays Gift returning.
AJHQ Also made a post about it.
**Click To Read**
Today we also have a Daily Item, a Candle Ornament!
How Sweet, another decoration to put up on your 600 Gem Christmas Tree! ^.^
AJHQ Also posted about Awesome Jammer's Art.
Since you are all aware of the update yesterday, we can now move our animals with Arrow Keys along our Key Board! Pretty cool right?
Another post AJHQ posted about was a New News Crew Assignment!
Lastly, AJHQ now has a better quality video of the "Returning Of The Alphas" Video.
Click the link to go straight to the video. Also in the video you might notice Liza looks a lot different then what she normally looks like when she greets you when you first join Animal Jam. Well that is true, you can now see Liza The Panda in 3D when you make another jamtastic animal jam account, take a look!
Question Of The Day: Do you really think the Alphas are coming back to Jamaa?
Remember To Comment Your Answers!
Happy Jamming Everyone!

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