Items on Clearance!

 These Clearance Items for these weeks are..
                      Nothing! ^-^

Thats it! Pick up your items today!


  1. oh well thats good

  2. Look the screens sholih or whatever screens are on sale this week just to let you know

  3. Soji Screens, Arctic Hood, And the Arctic coat are all on Clearance this month ^_^

  4. pawesome me ur good friend c:Aug 20, 2012, 12:57:00 AM

    Lol i see i will pick those up!

  5. what is clearance?O.O

    1. It is when they get rit of items and never have them come back unless there derpo to return it into stores.

  6. Hey Tiggywinkle here, Lol I got those items before clearence.
    Your a great buddy! :3


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