Sunday, April 29, 2012

Appondale Journey Book Guide!

This is the guide for the Appondale Journey Book!

The Ants are the first thing you should see.
They Stay in one place and they appear every time you go to Appondale

The Black Mamba slithers across Appondale's ground.

The Cockroach crawls near the Animal Museum. It's quick so make sure you click it fast.

The Warthog dwells in the mud pool.

The Meerkat stand on the rock to see if there is any danger.
The Guinea Fowl lands near the dark road of Appondale.
The Weaverbird flies to it's nest to finish building it.
The Golden Mole digs up in the Dark Road of Appondale.
The Wildebeast feed on the grass in the plains at Appondale.
The Zebra runs in the plains of Appondale.
And last but not least, the Rock Hyrax guards it's territory near the entrance to Jamaa Township.
Once you get all the animals your Journey Book page should look like this.
Your gift is the Acacia Pet Tree!


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