Sunday, April 29, 2012

New items!

There are new items in Jamaa!

                                            In Jam Mart Furniture:
                                           Cleverclaw's Dresser! Congratulations to Miss Cleverclaw!
                                                                               In the Pet Den Item Shop:
                                                                     Duck Pillow, a soft place for your ducks to sleep.
Grass With Worms. A place where worms can live.
                                                               Duck Crossing Sign. Watch out for those duckies!
                                                                   In Epic Wonders:
                                          Royal Tiara. For a true Princess or Queen. And finally a clothing item in Epic Wonders!
                                                                     In Sunken Treasures:
                                         Compass. It can tell you north, south east, and west.


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