Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jamaa Journal!

Here is the new Jamaa Journal!
 The goal of the game Sssssnake is to get as much mice as you can without biting your tail, hitting the walls and crumpling your self up! Try playing it today with your own snake pet! Have you tried the new Ocean version of Best Dressed? It only has one unrealeased item.

 I think it's called Shell Leg Armor. What do you think it's called?

I will make a Spooky Party post later.
Hurry and get your pet bunnies! They are only available for spring! If you unscramble the words for the hidden mystery it's Giraffe. Could Giraffes be coming to Jamaa? And Congratulations to Miss Cleverclaw for winning the den items contest! The items is Called Cleverclaw's Dresser. It's available at Jam Mart Furniture and it's for non members!


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