Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly song!

Hi jammers, every Wendsday is a Weekly Song, this week's Weekly Song is Guardian Angel By Tyler James Williams and Coco Jones!
I do not own the song, nor the music video.

Not posting as much.

Hoi jammers! I am having other interests then Animal Jam, I am not going to post or play on this blog and AJ. So... Sorry! D:
The interests I am more into now are Pokemon!

New Items!!

Hey Jammers! Its Magic here! Another new Carnival Item has been added to the Summer Carnival Today!

Woah! Look at this! A Octopus Chair has been added to Sunken Treasures. Make sure to get one! They look super Pawsome!

Happy Jamming, and have a Magic-fulled day! :D
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Hey Jammers! Magic here! We got a new item today! Look!

A ice desser! Cool! You can find it at the Penguins only Party! 

Did anyone see this yesterday?

The April Fools Party was yesterday! Strange because its not April....

AJHQ fixed yesterdays rare Monday item. 

Happy Jamming and have a Magical Day! Create your own banner at!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom Capes Return to Jamaa!!

Hey Jammers! The Freedom Cape has returned to Jamaa! You can find it on the second page of the Jam Mart Clothing. 

But Look! The Freedom Bands are announced as todays rare! Hmmmm.... I think AJHQ messed up! :I
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Huminized Necklace.

Hi jammers! Today' item other than the ones Magic posted is... kind of like a human necklace....

                                                             At Bahari Bargains:
A Mermaid....

New Items

Hey Jammers! It's Magic here! WOAH! Look at this! There is a new star rug and star couch available in the Jam Mart Furniture. Make sure to get one!

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Hi jammers! I was looking through my Jam-A-Grams and I saw an imposter of one of my best buddies, EternalClaw.
Their username is EternaiCiaw but the i's are capitalized so the look like lowercase L's. Beware of this imposter!

Party pictures!

Hi everyone! The party started at like 2:00 PM EST and ended at 2:33 PM EST. So... technically the people who commented on the last post were late and I wasn't. Anyways here are the pictures!

It was really fun! Bye for now!

PS. Please post today's new item, Magic!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sand Dollar, oh Sand Dollar, how did I forget you?

Hi jammers! I missed one of today's new items!

                                                At Bahari Bargains:
Very nice for summer! Did you know Sand Dollars are animals? That's right, Sand Dollars are not rocks! Make sure you don't touch one or else you could hurt it.

Is Animal Jam going French?

Hi jammers! AJHQ released a very awkward item. It is a hat from France!

                                                At Jma Mart Clothing:
Cool, right? Although, why would AJ release this now?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Penguin Mat at the Penguin's Only Party!

Hi jammers! I just found out there is a Penguin Mat at the Penguin's Only Party! Here is a picture of it!
I think it looks really cute! What do you think about this item?

10,000 View Party!

Hi jammers! This blog just got 10,000 Views! So here is the party information:

Host: bigcatsfoever
Date: June 23, 2012
Time: 2:00 EST
Where: At My Den
Why: Animal Jam Fire has 10,00 Views!

Make sure you will be there!

Magic is back!

Hey Jammers! Thats right I am back to blogging as usual! I see my good friend, Bigcatsfoever, already posted for today so I guess I could start tomorrow. See you in Jamma! Have a Magical Day Jammers!  Create your own banner at!

Sunshine Balloons!

Today's new items is very Sunny and gives off sunshine!

                                                    At the Summer Carnival:
Purr-fect for the summer! Have a nice day, jammers!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguin's Only Party!

Hi jammers! I just got to the Penguin's Only Party and here are the pictures!

Click the carving of the Slushie and get a mini slushie next to you!
Click the Hot Air Balloon and get a mini Hot Air Balloon next to you!

There are two icy slides!

                                                  At The Den Item Shop:

At the Music Shop:
How do you like the Penguin's Only Party jammers?

Crystal Sands Journey Book Guide!

Hi jammers! I am here with the Journey Book Guide for Crystal Sands!



Sadly, the Yellow Bird is gone now.

Cacao Tree:

Green Iguana:



Tide Pool:

Sand Dollar

Basilik Lizard:



                                You will then, recieve your prize!
This is what your completed Journey Book Page should look like.
I hope this guide helped!

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