Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guess Who!

Hi jammers!
It's me, DragonJournal!
I hope you guys will accept me as an author, because I am here to
bring all new and different stuff to Animal Jam Fire!
I love dragons, and it will be fiery with excitedment!
Get it?
Well, anyway, thanks so much bigcatsfoever in accepting my tryout!


  1. You're welcome! If you do good enough, you can be an admin! Hehe!


  2. What's an admin???
    lol I'm 9 I don't know, ok?

    1. I'm one year older! Anyways, currently you're an author. You can only make posts. When you an admin, you can creat pages, add pictures to the side bars ect,ect..


    2. Oh COOL! That's something to shoot for! ^-^ How do you make someone an admin???


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