Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exploring, Anyone?

Hiya, jammerzino! XD Well, I just realized one of my new pastimes.  Exploring!!! I was just really bored one day, and since my grandmother has a never-ending woods behind her house, (she doesn't have a computer, that's why) I decided to explore it.  Well, about a mile in, I got real hungry.  I am real good with herbs, surprisingly, so I just walked around until I found some basil.  I took a handful of that, and I was pretty full. Sort of.  Then I came to a HUGE clearing, and there were just meadows and meadows of edible plants!  I took some of that into my bag, and continued walking. It was about noon, and about a couple miles and a half, I got tired and lay down by a tree. I closed my eyes, and just rested. My grandma knew where I was going, of course, so I figured I could sleep a little longer. And, if she wanted me back, she would ring that bell that you can hear 2 miles away.  I reached into my bag, took a few peppermint leaves, an chewed on them. That's when I spotted the rabbit. It was so cute! I couldn't kill it, even if I had a weapon. I'm still learning that. So I decided to start my trek back home. Then, about a half mile away from my house, she lets my dog Ty out and I half to keep him around me and stay on my track back home. By the time I get back, it's about maybe 1:30 so I decide to lay back and watch some TV. Then Ty gets out again and I have to go find him. AGAIN. Well, that is my annual Friday and Sunday now, folks! ^_^ Jam On Jammer Style!


  1. You want to learn to kill bunnies..? :'(

    1. No!!! Obviously, I said that wrong. What I MEANT was i'm still learning how to handle a weapon. I love bunnies!!! :'(

    2. That make mor seens. Why would someone kill a bunny. Well Katniss does. But that is undulated.


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