Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Awesome Item and Name Change!

Hi jammers! AJHQ just released an item that used to be super rare! You guys are probably wondering what it is, right?

                                                     At Jam Mart Clothing:
Here is the background of this item. In Beta, Animal Jam sold this item. When Beta ended, Aniaml Jam deleted this item like Skullys. When Best Dressed came, they put Blankets in Best Dressed. And today, BLANKETS HAVE RETURNED (AJ was really uncreative in Beta for the name of this item)!

Also, in the Mystery Emporium. A name of an item has changed.
This item used to be called Giraffe Statue until AJHQ was so uncreative and named the shaman giraffe statue, Giraffe Statue!


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