Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hi jammers the new update is here! Let's check the Jamaa Journal first!
 The next post will be about the pet Hummingbirds. I think it's pretty creative having them.
  I will post about the Summer Carnival after the hummingbird post!
 I wonder who is going to win! I can't wait to know what the new pet will be!
 Penguins will be non members in two more weeks! I didn't want to wait longer... Also, there is now 300 inventory slots for den items! What about buddy and clothing slots?
Those rare are not popular in Jamaa... Become a member in June to get a Golden Glove!
Another thing is, all of our clothing items are now 3-D! Even in the stores they are 3-D. Here is a picture for proof.
Some items look weird... Also, now you can have mini emotes when you chat!
(Credit to LoveLost for this picture)
See? For some reason, I can't do it though. Can you jammers do it?

Last, not not least, one new item.

                                                  At Epic Wonders:
That's all! What do oyu think about this update jammers?


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  1. On the 21 of June is when the next Jamaa Journal will come out. It is easy to find out. Just add 14 to the date it come. The one after the 21 one will be July 8.


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