Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jamaasian Movement!

Hi jammers! Now, my good friend snowyclaw made something called the Jamaasian Movement.This Movement is a peaceful protest to stop humanizing our one and only, Jamaa! Jamaa used to be a place for animals, kids to explore nature! Now it's just being humanized! We must help! They don't tell the Legends of Jamaa, they don't talk about Mira and Zios! They lie to us by blaming phantoms for fixing glitches and stuff! We must help, to learn more inofrmation click this link: Help The Jamaasian Movement! I will post the Legend Of Jamaa and how Phantoms were made.

                                                     Legend Of Jamaa:
And so it was that the Sky Father was named Zios. He created many stars and planets and  set them in motion. But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the Sky Mother, a Grey Heron, and named her Mira. Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created a masterpiece, a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals. The named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and it's animals were at piece. But today, all is not well in Jamaa. A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa. Only you can help save the animals and restore the world to it's glory. Please help, for you are Jamaa's only hope.

How Phantoms were created:
Mira, the Sky Mother, was heartbroken after she lost her companion spirit, Zios, the Sky Father. Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the ground as whisps of dark fog, a dark substance that comes from the fabric of time. These tears of Mira's spirit mixed with with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious phantoms that haunt this land today. Due to the sadness and anger that they were created from, the phantoms' one goal was to bring chaos and destruction to Jamaa.


  1. Mira wants to kill animals in Jamaa! Sorry Mira if you read this blog. Sill it seams that way.. Mira's against us!!!!

  2. You know you get gems if you go to the statue of mira... AND the presents during the Jamaaladays.......


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