Monday, June 4, 2012

A Jam-A-Gram from jmoorez!

Hi jammers! when I logged on just right now, I had this many Jam-A-Grams.
16 of the Jam-A-Grams were from the same jammer (not naming who). 1 of them is a buddy request ( not naming who but it is not the same person that gave me 16 Jam-A Grams). And then, I saw this Jam-A-Gram.
I believe the "Skull Tail thing" he was talking about were Skullys.
Yes, jmoorez, I DID have one but I don't have it anymore. In fact no one has it anymore. You see, I played Animal Jam a couple days after it started. I only bought a sword (the sword was not a Pirate Sword) and one Skully. I was an orange tiger with a beige underbelly and blue stripes. I had green googly eyes. Skullys were only available in Beta testing. For some unknown reason, AJ removed them, so I don't have my Skully anymore. I hope that cleared things up!



  1. Cool! I once had like over 100 jamma grams (I think).

  2. I had a skully during beta too! Then, it disappeared. People always buddy me because I'm beta, and I (apparently) have a ton of rares. NOT TRUE! You see, I bought a lot of what are now rares, and when AJ was released, many were member. So, I got rid of them. That's part of why I don't give out my user.


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