Thursday, June 7, 2012

Humming Bird pets!

Sadly, you can't just buy a random hummingbird. You have to buy a gift certificate only at AJ Outfitters! Here is the information.

 You have to buy a gift certificate (like a lion). It will give you one month membership, 1500 gems, a hummingbird, and a Birdhouse and a Nectar Feeder. Comment if you have bought this certificate!
Here is what a humming bird pet looks like.
Here are the items that you get with the certificate.
  Click on the bird house and it opens up!

What do you think about hummingbirds?



  1. Did you buy it or is that someone else's picture?
    ~katgoo449 the wizard/KittyinBowTie

    1. I took the picture, it's just that, I did not buy it. This is my friends den.


    2. I miss school already!!!!!! TWINFIRE

  2. I have the bird house and feeder :)


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