Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rude person.

I was in a den that my friend XxFreeSpiritXx was in  and then this guy said something.
I forgot his username. It was something like theprinceofsleepingbeauty or something like that.


Bunny Throne and Help Button!

I feel so much better! I didn't get any sleep for the last two nights but I finally got some sleep! Anyways, there are a lot of thrones in Jamaa.

                                                                    At the Bunnies Only Party:

There is also a new "Help" button on the right hand side.
You can ask a question.
Then, the results will come up.
If you press none of these are helpful, this happens.
If you click see all of the results you go to the AJ Knowledge Base.
What do you jammers think of the Bunny throne and the Help Button? Comment what you think!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giraffe Topiary!

Sorry I am posting the new item late. I am sick. I'm throwing up a lot. :l Anyways, a leafy item!

                                                                 At the Animal Museum:
I think all topiaries look cool on AJ! What do you think about the topiary, jammers? Comment what you think about it!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A reason why AJ is not making new lands.

Hi jammers! I think I know why AJHQ is not making new lands for us jammers to explore! Everyone knows about the Journey Book, right? I think AJ wants to make a Journey Book page for every land first! Once AJ is done with the Journey Book pages, they might make more lands! Here are the current Journey Book pages. *Will be updated everytime there is a new Journey Book Page.* * Note, these pictures are from my Journey Book. I have completed the whole Journey Book!*

What do you jammers think of my predictions? Comment what you think!


Bunny Rug, Field Trip, and New Page!

Hi jammers! Sorry I posted the new item late!

                                                       At The Bunnies Only Party:
It looks fluffeh!

Also, I had field trip today! Here are the usernames of the people in my class that play Animal Jam. Frost1413, TwinFire, icetiger54321, lucario101, leon3700, saru20, and banana14274! The field trip was amazing!

Last but not least, I am going to make a page of my favorite items that I currently have. That's it for now jammers! What do you think about the new Bunny Rug?


Monday, May 28, 2012

Pet Effects!

Pet Effects are really cool! They appear when you play Pet Games! The only known pets to have Pet effects are Ducks, Dogs, and Snakes! Sheesh4 discovered Pet Effects!

                                                      Here is the Duck Pet Effect:
                                                     (Thank you coopo2 for letting me use your duck)
Eggs pop out! The color of the eggs depends on the color of the duck's bill.

                                                       Here is the Snake Pet Effect:
                                                 (Thank you trickertreee for letting me use your snake)
Skulls pop out! The color of the skulls depends on the color of the snake's underbelly.

                                                         Here is the Dog Pet Effect:
                                             (Thank you Sheesh4 for letting me use your dog)
Bones pop out! The color of the bones depends on the color of the dog's ears are.

Click here to see the post about Giraffe Plushies!
Click here to see the post about Peck, the items I have missed, and Today's Rare Monday!
What do you think about Pet Effects? Comment what you think!


Giraffe Plushies!

Since Giraffes came to Jamaa, AJHQ made plushies for them! Here is a picture of the original one.
Here is what it looks like in a den.
Thank you frost1413 for sending me this cute Giraffe Plushie!


Peck, Rare Monday, Items, and I'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my vacation! It was fun! :3 Now, here are the items I've missed.

                                                              In Jam Mart Clothing:
Royal Capes are back! I wonder why the didn't come out for President's Day. It's the end of May and our animals are melting from the heat!

                                                               In the Animal Museum:
The Giraffe Banners are specially made for Giraffes! :D

And, for today's Rare Monday!

                                                         At Jam Mart Clothing on the second page:

Also, if you have enough people jumping on the drum at the Bunnies Only Party...
                                                          (Give credit to snowyclaw for this picture)
You can see, Peck, the rabbit shaman! What do you think about Peck's discovery at the Bunnies Only Party? How do you like today's Rare Monday item? Comment what you think!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Diamond Earings and another vacation.

Hi jammers! Todays new item is sparkly!

                                                                         At Epic Wonders:

Another thing is, I am leaving for a vacation today and I won't be back until Monday. Once I get back, I will post all the items I have missed.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coral Canyons Journey Book Guide

This is the guide for the Coral Canyons Journey Book!





Gila Monster




Peregrine Falcon

Saguaro Cactus


If you completed the Journey Book, the Coral Canyons page should look like this.
Your prize is a Cactus Chair!


Bunnies Only Party!

I finally arrived at the Bunnies Only Party. It is based on where rabbit den. Here are some pictures!

What a bouncy drum! XD
You can buy bunny pets at this party! What pretty shiny carrots!
There is even a slide!
Here are the items that are available.

                                                  In the Bunnies Only Party Music Shop:
The music is called Hoppin' Around.

                                           In the Bunnies Only Den Item Shop:

 I think this is a Jamtastic Party! Comment about what you think about this party.


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