Monday, May 28, 2012

Peck, Rare Monday, Items, and I'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my vacation! It was fun! :3 Now, here are the items I've missed.

                                                              In Jam Mart Clothing:
Royal Capes are back! I wonder why the didn't come out for President's Day. It's the end of May and our animals are melting from the heat!

                                                               In the Animal Museum:
The Giraffe Banners are specially made for Giraffes! :D

And, for today's Rare Monday!

                                                         At Jam Mart Clothing on the second page:

Also, if you have enough people jumping on the drum at the Bunnies Only Party...
                                                          (Give credit to snowyclaw for this picture)
You can see, Peck, the rabbit shaman! What do you think about Peck's discovery at the Bunnies Only Party? How do you like today's Rare Monday item? Comment what you think!


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