Saturday, May 12, 2012

Moon Necklace, Tree house glitch, and geckoguy!

Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing. There hasn't been something there in a long time!
A Moon Necklace! It's even for non members! Yay! I don't know if there's anything new in the Cruise Ship Party, though.
 Also, here is how to do the Tree House glitch!
                                         First, stand where my lion is.
                                         Go to someones name tag and click Buddy Games
                                          Click the Tree bark
                                          Press a game and immediately cancel!
                                         Click the bark when you animal is running on it.
                                         Now you can explore! Play with phantoms!
                                         Or swim in the river!
Last, for today my friend geckoguy has received an item from AJHQ! Please don't crowd him!
It's called a Imprisoned Phantoms. It looks like it's for non members. What do you think about this item jammers? To get more information here is a link to one of geckoguy's blogs. Animal Jam Community: Moon Necklace and Conclusion To glitch


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