Thursday, May 24, 2012


The new update is here! Lets start off with the Jamaa Journal!
 Giraffes are in Jamaa! Sadly, only for members.
 The Animal Museum has changed into a conservation center for endangered animals! There is also a new bunnies only party! I will post about it later.
 There are now Phantom Toys only available in the Den Phantom Invasions. There is a new Journey Book and the prize is a Cactus Chair! I will post a Journey Book Guide later.
 Prices of all of the dens are half off! Congratulations for Awesome Speedywolf for entering the ocean contest and winning!
 The Summer Carnival is coming to Jamaa! I wonder what it is like...
A member animal will be available for non members soon! AJHQ put more rare tags on items.

Now, Giraffes are here! Here is a picture of what they look like!
Other Giraffe related stuff now.

There is a New Badge!

And the new item is...

                                            At the Mystery Emporium
 They also remodeled the whole Animal Museum!

                          At Sunken Treasures
Again, Congratulations to Awesome Speedywolf!And last all the dens are on sale!

Comment what you think about this update!


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