Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Dolphin in the Wolves Only Party and Wolves Only Party glitch!

Hi jammers! I got into the Wolves Only Party as a Dolphin! Here's proof!
See? Anyways, here is the Wolves Only Party Glitch!

 Stand where my Dolphin is.
 Click someones name tag and go to buddy games.
 Click above the sale sign
 Press a game and cancel
 When your on the wall, click it.
Now just have fun! Also, I notice when your a underwater animal in a land party, you see a clone of yourself. Here is a picture.
Also lets say you were in Bahari Bay. You were going to Bahari Bargains and right when your about to enter, you go to a land party. Well while you are at the land party, you'll also see the people at Bahari Bargains. Well that's it for now!


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