Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A reason why AJ is not making new lands.

Hi jammers! I think I know why AJHQ is not making new lands for us jammers to explore! Everyone knows about the Journey Book, right? I think AJ wants to make a Journey Book page for every land first! Once AJ is done with the Journey Book pages, they might make more lands! Here are the current Journey Book pages. *Will be updated everytime there is a new Journey Book Page.* * Note, these pictures are from my Journey Book. I have completed the whole Journey Book!*

What do you jammers think of my predictions? Comment what you think!



  1. i was thinking that same thing meet me on animal jam in emporercuteseal and my storage account is finnygee nice yellow top hat

  2. hey ya thats a good prediction u might be right but couldd u meet me on aj im darkchild nice glove btw

  3. Sure, but I can't right now. I am on vacation. Please read my latest post. >.<

  4. Ok maybe after ur vacation my comment is the top comment


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