Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Update!

The new update is here! The Jamaa Journal will tell most of the news!
 Members and non members can play the Jamaa Derby! There is a new Ocean Den Item contest! Good luck to everyone that enters! Giraffes are coming to Jamaa, I wonder what they'll look like... The Ocean Cruise party is in Jamaa! I will do a post about it later. I also have a feeling Leis and Leg armor are in that party. AJHQ is doing the National Geographic Spelling Bee again! There is a video on the last page of the Jamaa Journal. In the video there is a bunny and surprisingly...

 The bunny has an earring. Is this a Beta item or is it a future item. Maybe it's part of the Pirate Hat. No one knows for sure. Another thing is all the items from Rare Mondays and the Leap Year Party have a rare sign! Even if you bought Viking Hats and Fox Hats in Beta, they still have the rare sign.

Weird right?

There is one new item and it's in the pet shop!
Last the derby. Non members and members can play it!
I wonder what Play Pro is..
You can click the screen or use the Space bar to jump over obstacles.You can only use three speed boosts. All you have to do to use them is press the carrots. And finally there is a new badge in Jamaa.

That's it I believe! Oh and a little note! I switched this blog to separate accounts so if there any posts that say they have been created by pool54321, they were actually created by me.


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