Friday, May 11, 2012

Castle Den Glitch and I need Blue Elf Tail Armor! D:

Hi jammers. Sorry I can't post the item. AJ has been ofline for a long time! Sigh. Well here is the Castle den glitch!
Stand where my wolf is.
                                 Click someone's name tag and go to the buddy games.
 Click the dark green patch of grass.
 Then press a game and cancel quickly.
 When you animal is on the wall, make sure you click it.
 Now you can explore. Make a camp with your friends!
Go to the lake and party!

And one more thing. If any one has Blue Elf Tail Armor, I'll trade a Blue Rug, Clover Tubes, a Sack Of Gifts, and a Purple Eyeball Hat!



  1. hey hi hello whats up hey hi hello whats up

    from ???????????????????????????????????????????

    1. I think it's from frost1413 or icetiger54321, but mostly frost. Or maybe frost's sister or brother...


  2. Hey need help on the blog? I'm gonna trick my parients to letting me have a e mail account! I can be a Co. worker. My username is LITTLEBROCON.

  3. Im starting to do this on my computer. YAY! I can do caps lock! I used to do it on my iPod.

  4. Hey can you trade me your green tail armor for a purple? plz? that would mean a lot my user piegirl334

    -Jam On!!


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