Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguins for non-members!

Hi jammers! The new Jamaa Journal holds the major events in Jamaa!
 Penguins are now for everyone, members and non-members! Waddle around with your new penguin! Here is my storage account as a penguin.

 Hummingbirds are only available in AJ Outfitters! Make sure you buy one if you want one! Also, the answer to the riddle is Foxes, so Foxes will soon be available in Jamaa!
 They are still organizing the Pet Contest so be patient! Another Journey Book, and for this time, it's for Crystal Sands! Your prize is a Lemonade Stand! I will post a Journey Book Guide for Crystal Sands later, be patient!
 More prizes will be added to the Summer Carnival! You just have to wait.
Become a member in June to get your Golden Member Glove!

Now for the new items!

                                                                At the Summer Carnival:

All the Plushies have been turned into Freedom Plushies!

                                                       At Jam Mart Furniture:

At Epic Wonders:

And last but not least, there is a new Penguins Only Party.
 I will post about it later! And that's the update jammers!



  2. In the summer, I'm a wolf or fox. In the school time, I'm a cat. I looovvvveee FOXES!!!!!!! TWIN


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