Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf Necklaces and two new authors!

Hi jammers! Sorry for the late post! My computer is having some glitches. Anyways, One of my favorite items have returned, Leaf Necklaces! They come out in FOUR new colors! Plus the four original colors!

                                                          At Jam Mart Clothing:
First Elf Bracelets, then Viking Hats, then Royal Capes, then Blankets, and now Leaf Necklaces! I have a feeling Worn Blankets, Scary Bat Wings, Top Hats, Freedom Wings, Freedom Bands, Freedom Helmets, Freedom Masks, Masks, and Beards will come out. Then again, I might be wrong.

Also, I need two authors to help me post on Animal Jam Fire. I originally had five bloggers (including me), but they never posted. Now it's just me and I'm lonely. So, here are the things you need to become an author, comment this information.

If you have ever scammed or hacked before:
Blogger E-mail:
Write a convincing story on why you want to be on AJF:
If you can make at least one post every day:
If you want to post about scammers, glitches new items, ect:
If you have had experience with blogging!

You have until the next update to comment!

That's it! Have a jamtastic day, jammers!


  1. Username: Magic797
    I tried to scam (NEVER HACKED EVER AND NEVER WILL) once on my old account when I was like 10 but I felt so bad returned the item, and I refuse to scam ever again!
    I love this blog. It is actually my favorite beside mine! It tells jammers the truth on AJ. And I would be honored to help my really good friend Bigcatsfoever! :D
    I can try but most of the time I can. I will do my best for big cats! (I got your name right that time XD)
    Yes!! Absolutely!! Love it!
    I have been blogging since March and my blog looks pretty spicy if you ask me! XD

    Hope you pick me! :D

    Your good friend,

  2. If you returned the item, that was the right thing to do! I am proud of you Magic! Thanks for the compliment! Remember, don't be sad if you don't get to be an author! There might be more authors requests later in the year!


  3. I don't have a email adress, but just tell me how to post, if I can't do it without a email adress just sorta forget about it. I would post about all the things ya said. I would like to work on here because I love this blog and I have done a book. I have been scammed. I have never been able to do a blog though. I do a lot of glitches, I can post about that. I go on every day.

  4. 12345cat50-CAT LOVERAug 29, 2012, 1:50:00 PM

    Nice blog =3
    Cats 4 Ever


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