Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spooky Party!

The new Spooky Party is here! Although, why is it here in April?
                                           Pay your respects to the graveyard or the peeking ghost will follow you.
                                           Click the ghost carving in the ground and a mini ghost will haunt you for a temporary amount of time.
                                         This is the main room...
                                          Stay in the foggy room to long and....
                                          You will become a ghost! Muahahaha!
                                         This is the room wheer they play scary music...
                                          Prepare to be... electrified... Muahahaha!
                                                              This room has a secret...
                                                  Click the hidden Bat on the wall and....
                                          You can get a Bat pet....
                                              Now time for the items.
                                                                  In the Spooky Party Den Shop
                                                                        You can buy....
                                                                Ghost Window.
                                                                   Floating Candle
                                                                  Skull Tombstone
                                                                    Scary Organ
                                                                    In the Spooky Party Clothing Shop
                                                                         There is...
                                                                 Phantom Necklace
                                                                  Phantom Balloon
                                                                       Skull Helmet
                                                                   Scary Bell Hat
                                                                       Scary Mask
                                                                     In the Spooky Party Music Shop
                                                                         There is...
                                                               Spooky Old Bones
Thats it Jammers!


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