Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very cool jammer!

Hello! There is a very cool jammer on AJ! Her user is supermonkeys! Here is a picture of her den!
She is a non member rhino with a member floor! Her rhino is not glitched! Before crocodiloes came out, you can choose a member animal when your member ship expired, although her den is glitch! Here are some more pictures!

Please don't crowd her.


  1. Lol, more posts of me. :D

    Oh, some edits may be needed, since I am actually a girl. XD

    Thank you for posting why I am a rhino instead of just ignoring me. >u<


  2. @supermonkeys
    Thanks! I was also the one that posted it on Animal Jam Fiery. And I knew you could've picked member animals is because my friend used to be a non member elephant!


  3. I have seen that. It make me ^o^!! I was a non member horsey.

  4. i know how to get a member animal now a days (not a glitch either),but how do u get that floor!? O.O


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