Sunday, February 26, 2012

Imposter and a wierdo.. =.=

Yes I have a imposter now!His bunny looks nothing like my bunny but its user is almost the same! Beware of BigCatsFoever121! Thats is not me! Here is a picture of him
Also, I was in Coral Canyons being bored. All of the sudden someone came up to me and said I scammed HER!! She said I sammed her Royal Cape and Rare Spiked Collar. Well I can tell you right now how I got them both! When it was the Monthly Gift I got a Rasberry Collar. I traded that for green and traded green for blue. Then traded it it for a black wrist band. Then traded it back for blue and traded blue for a yellow collar and wristband. I traded them both for a Yellow Rare Spiked Collar. Here is how I got my Royal Cape. We were in May's waterpark den when she gave me a Orange Royal Cape. I told her I would never trade it. And I never traded it. The person that accused me of scamming's user is beast979. Here is a pic of her.
So beware of them! Bye jammers!


  1. darkchild/pawesome meAug 18, 2012, 2:02:00 AM

    whats Up bigcats?

  2. lol thats so awkward. I WILL BEWARE OF THEM BIG CATS!!! -Rosy Quietpaw-


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