Monday, August 27, 2012

Shamans Are Now Called Alphas!

Hi jammers! Have you heard that Shamans are now called Alpha's? Here is the proof.
It says and I quote "We are excited to let you know the Alphas are enjoying exploring new lands! But don't worry, heer at Animal Jam Headquarters we are always here to help our Jammers! Simply email if there is anything we can help you with. We'd love to hear from you! Things are always changing in the wild world of Jamaa. There are tons of secrets waiting to be discovered and friendly Jmmers waiting to meet you. We're sure with a bit of searching  and help from your buddies., you'll be on your next BIG adventure.

Have fun, be same, and don't forget to play wild!"

 Some people supporting the Jamaasian Movement created by snowyclaw are against their names being changed to Alphas. Here is what I wrote on snowyclaw's blog:

Does it seriously matter if the are callled Shaman's or Alpha's? Comment what you think.


  1. It sorta does. Once you make up your mind, don't change it!

  2. ugh it doesnt matter just give them a name already! Aj's not real.. -.-

  3. u donno what ur yalkin about anoymous


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