Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enchanted Hollow

Hi jammers! The update is here, and so, lets check out, the Jamaa Journal.

                                Come to my den to see what it looks like!
Turtles are now the first pet to go on land and water! I had a feeling that Turtles would be for land and water eventually. Here is my turtle underwater!

Also, play the new game Carnival Darts! Here is a little tour.

                                          Move using the right and left arrow keys, try getting balloons with the letters on them. To shoot your darts, use the spacebar.
Make sure to pop the phantoms or they'll eat you darts!
10 million more gems and Monkeys will come back! :D Keep donating those gems.
                              The My Settings added two more features.
                                                       Now you know which world you are in! You can also change your cursor!

                              We did it jammers! We brang back the shamans!
Visit AJ Outfitters to get the Lion Certificate!

Here is my new Enchanted Hollow den!
                Yellowwings, get off the poor gecko!
 The 80's are back!
 Don't stare into the cat banner.
Yikes, a Gold Phantom!
A Treehouse, let's hide there!

And last, for the new items!
At Jam Mart Furniture:

At the Den Depot:
Wow, the den cost a lot of money!

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