Monday, August 20, 2012

Rare Seaweed and Glitch!

Hi jammers, this is very early in the morning, I am nervous, today is my first day of school! Wish me luck!
At Bahari Bargains:
A pretty awkward item. It's the same color as Pigtails, and they are both Hair... Coincidence, I think not! >:D
Also, have any of you have this glitch?
I checked Jam Mart Clothing to see if the rare item was there, then this came up. I couldn't log out to refresh. Has any of this happen to you jammers?


  1. Wish ya luck on your starting of your school journey man.:)
    High School for me will be a change :D
    First Day of school today.:)

  2. I had that glitch! Hi everyone else! I just wanted to say that I'm having a contest and I'd love it if you could enter! It closes on the 23rd of August and here is the URL:
    Please post about it on your own blogs, and Spino it would be great if you could post about it! Thanks!!

  3. Good luck on your school BigCats!! I know you will be great!!
    -TheSafari07 :)

  4. Good Luck with school! Im nervous already and I don't start till next monday! Oh, and that glitch happened to meh, I couldn't even exit out I had to log out.-infinitychips

  5. My first day in a week. Gonna to 4th grade

  6. Good luck dude. Guess what? I'm the school freak!!
    So many comments! MEHNAMEHNA!!!!! XD

  7. my user was dime14446 i quit that memebr my new animal i love is seals2monkeys add seals2monekys on animal jam please :D


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