Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ruin Walls!

 Hi jammers! Sorry this is late, I was very sad but now I am very happy! :D Anyways, today's item matches yesterday's item!

                                                   At Jam Mart Furniture:
Ruin Walls, I highly think that there is going to be a Ruin den tomorrow. Don't forget to pick up the Clearance items, look at the Clearance page.


  1. Why were you sad? You don't have to say.

  2. I'm glad your happy now!:D
    @ I havvn't commented on posts a bit,sorry about that.I'm getting back on track on visiting and commenting on all the blogs on the "Other Blogs" page on Animal Jam Passion.:)

  3. I submitted one Zios den idea in!


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