Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Story Blog!

Hi jammers, I know I'm on vacation and all. I won't return until August 7, 2012.  But I know you think "How can you post when you have no access to a computer". Well, I have an  iPad and an iPhone so I can post from there. I just can't post pictures about Animal Jam which means I can't post items or the turtle update. Anyways, like in the post, I made my first story blog! It's call The Journey of Jamaa, here is the link!
The Journey Of Jamaa!
It's pretty plain since I can't take pictures and that stuff but, I'll fix it on August 7. Sign Ups are starting now! (More roles will be added everyday so check back!)

P.S. I can't do my banner either. >.<


  1. Awesome! I got quite a few story blogs, too - I love to write!

  2. How do you sign up? :)


    1. There is a sign up page on the blog, hope this helps! :)


    2. Why did you take down lightning the lion blog?

  3. Good work on this post though!:)
    P.S.- Don't overwork yourself,have a great relaxing vacation!!!!(lol,I'm vacationing as well,starting today xD )


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