Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Items, Foxes are in Jamaa (video version), Youtube channel, and Leaving

Hi jammers! Now, I haven't posted for the last few days. I am not interested in Animal Jam as much. I am more interested in the upcoming console created and still under creation, the Wii U, and the Wii title also developed buy Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I have every character and stage in the game :P). But, here are the items I have missed.

                                          At the Conservation/Animal Museum:

                                                  At Epic Wonders:
                                                            At Bahari Bargains:

At Sunken Treasures:

Here is the new update (video version).
I also have a you tube channel, I will be making videos! Here is the link.
bigcatsfoever's Youtube Channel!

As you see in the title, it says I'm leaving. Don't worry though. I'm not leaving forever, I'm leaving on vacation for about two weeks, I will have to miss the new update since I cant post, or go on Animal Jam. I also can't post videos on my youtube channel because of no access to a computer. If someone will be so kind, can ssomeone send me the next to Rare Mondays? I won't be back until July 7th, 2012 which is on a Tuesday. Please, be so kind to send me the next two Rare Mondays. I am leaving tomorrow so I won't be able to post. That's it for now, bye!


  1. I know how you feel about Super smash bros brawl! I play it all the time at camp and lose a lot, but that game rules!

    1. My fave character is wolf! He rules!

    2. bigcatsfoever (not signed in)Jul 29, 2012, 11:40:00 AM

      Yes, he is pretty cool.. But Yellow Kirby and Green Toon Link are better! >:D Mario is an overall character. I wish his F.L.U.D.D actually does damage, because when you squirt the water, it only moves your opponents farther away from you, which I guess is kind of good. Donkey Kong is a really strong character. High defense help, and he moves fast for a heavy character. Mr. Game and Watch is very ... Awkward, and I like how the added Lucario to the characters. I think it's unnecessary that Jigglypuff is a hard to earn character.

    3. bigcatsfoever (not signed in)Jul 29, 2012, 11:43:00 AM

      Did you know frost also plays it? I played with her over Wi-Fi! We even added each others friend codes for the game!

    4. littlebrocon ( tired of finger picking on iPod )Jul 31, 2012, 12:17:00 AM

      Wanna no who rules! Kirby and Zero Suit! There is a glitch to become Zero Suit. So be Samus ( any color you want Zero Suits jump suit to be.) On the nunchuck, hold Z bottom down while your about to start. Click start ( or plus button) and while you at stages, look at the top right corner. You will be Zero Suit! And Kirby rules at ssbb! I like smashing people! >:3! Plus ssbb is c'mon out on 3DS! I'm a part of nintendo club ( I'm smashbro2929 on nin club.) I only have 250 coins from mario tenis open! 3,: !

  2. I think that Lucario is really Kool! I also like Pokèmon trainer! I think Mr. Gameandwatch is so animated looking! Randomly, I want to go on my Disney Criuse NOW!

    PS, They have tons of computers on that ship!

  3. so many comments O.O

  4. july 7th already passed

  5. Great blog you have!I love it,and I'm very serious xD!I added your blog to my "Other Blogs"list on my blog : Animal Jam Passion/
    Hope you can visit my blog frequently lol.
    I'll be visiting yours as often as I can!
    Jammers Promise :)

    1. Thanks very much, I'll try and visit your blog a lot! I'll even follow it too! (once I get back from vacation) Happy Jamming!

    2. Ok,thank you!:)
      (hope your vacation is awesome!:D YOU DESERVE IT!)


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