Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Thanks To Everyone.

Hi everybody, I would just like to say, thank you everybody that looks at this blog. I am just so blessed to have fans like you and I can't believe that how much this blog has been through. It's been over half a year and we have over 10,000 views. We, here at Animal Jam Fire get at least 2,000 - 3,000 views every month, maybe even over. Don't worry, I am not quitting anytime soon.  This blog is technically, unstopable. This blog has changed over the months, example, that period I quit Animal Jam in April, to the time I changed to a Pokemon blog for three days last month (don't worry, that is never, ever happening again). Sometimes I am busy and I won't post for a couple of day. Just thanks to all my fans and followers. Animal Jam Fire will continue to be up and running.


  1. Your blog is so awesome! It's now made it to my top 5 fav blogs! I hope that pokemon thing never happends again lol i don't even play pokemon. And, do you get on transformice?



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