Monday, July 2, 2012

Rare Monday, Items, and Monthly Gift!

Hi jammers! Today's Rare Monday was the Daily Explorers mistake for last week if you don't remember.
                                                     On the fifth page at Jam Mart Clothing:
Freedom Bands! So far we got Freedom Hats (in the Claw at the Trading Party), Freedom Capes, Freedom Masks, and Freedom Bands. All we need are Freedom Wings and Freedom Helmets! Hopefully the will come out! All of the Freedom items are non-member. Here are the other items I missed!

                                                              At Jam Mart Clothing:
An Aviator Hat! Great for flying gear!

                                                             At Jam Mart Furniture:

The return of the Fireworks Fountain and a new Coucil Day Banner! The Council Day Banner is huge! Luckly, both of these items are non-member!

                                                               At Epic Wonders:
A Silver Glove! This item is also non-member! AJ must be listening to us about giving non-members more items! This glove looks like a White Glove to me though... Maybe they will make a Bronze Glove like the bricks.

                                                     At Sunken Treasures:
Jellyfish must like these lamps...

                                                  At the Penguins Only Party:

An Igloo Pet House! It kind of looks like the Cupcake Dog House they released for the Jamaalidays...

Now for the Monthly Gift! The Monthly Gift was a Nature Archway. There are four kinds. The Castle Den, Princess Castle Den, Volcano Den, and Snowfort Den. Here are what they look like!

(Credit to gingerpawz for these pictures)
Hope you have a jamtastic day jammers!


  1. Replies
    1. PS, Some of those items came out a week ago..... ;D! CLOUDEON

  2. bigcatsforever

    can you get me one of those monday rare because the only computer I have right now wont let me on.


  3. I call the archways lava archway, spring archway, vine archway, and ice archway. I got vine. The second rarest. The rare things for them are.. ice archway, vine archway, lava archway, and last but not lest, spring archway.


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