Thursday, July 12, 2012

Contest Results Round 1!

Hi jammers! It took a really long time because I was interested in another game for like four days. Some people were a little impatient... You know who you are.  Anyways, only two people made it to Round 2! Probably the final round. Anyways, those people are... Drumroll please! -drumroll- TheSafari07 and pool54321! Congratulations to both of them!
Here are the answers to the questions.

Question 1. What was the second item released for Rare Monday? The second item for Rare Mondays were Medusa Masks! Meusa Masks were also released in October 2011.

Question 2. Why did Scarecrows and Candy Baskets not come out for Halloween (2011) and Spring (2012)? Because, remember in the Phantom Vortex for 2011 there was a game and if you won five rounds, you would get a Tall Phantom Statue? Well for 2010, the item was a Scarecrow. And 2011's Egg Hunts prize was a Basket of Candy.

Question 3. In September 2010, how many gems did Gloves (the non-member ones) cost?
Gloves cost 45 gems.

Question 4. Name one Tail Item. There are two, one was removed. The two answers could have been Elf Tail Armor or Skullys.

Now for the find the location where the pictures were taken. Comment what land, shop, or party they are in, and comment the location in the land, shop, or party. Look around Jamaa to find them.

Find It 1.
Near the Mira Statue above the Bamboo Forest.
Find It 2.

In Lost Temple Of  Zios at the bottom right of the locked door.

Find It 3.

Bahari Bay at the bottom left.

Find It 4.

On the tip of the Sunken Ship. Round 2 will be posted soon!

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