Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Foxes Come Out Tomorrow!

Hi jammers! Sorry for the late post. Anyways, here is today's item!
Very colorful.

Anyways, FOXES COME OUT TOMORROW! That's right, the long awaited Foxes are coming out tomorrow in Jamaa!
There are no Clearance items so don't worry about buying items! I wonder why there are no Clearance items though...


  1. sounds cool and thanks!!!

  2. bigcatsforever whats your username on animal jam you seem like a really cool cat and i would like to be friends! :) p.s my username is izzybella105

  3. His username is bigcatsfoever. I know cuz he my buddy.

  4. I don know him in rl.( Rl stands for real life.)


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