Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foxes are in Jamaa!

Hi jammers, Foxes are finally in Jamaa! Let's look at the Jamaa Journal for the news!
Yes, Foxes are finally in Jamaa and they are adorable! Here is my Fox, Little Fastjoy!
Here are some Fox related things.
Credit to snowyclaw for this picture.

There seems to be a new feature with foxes, you know when you want to change you animals clothes and color, well on foxes, they look 3-D! It also works if you open someones player card and loook at there fox. Here is proof.
See? Anyways, moving on with the rest of the Jamaa Journal.
Aww, I want turtles to come this week, oh well. Now you can create your own artwork!
I made that myself! :D I know it's nothing much though
The Den Depot sadly replaced Coral Corners. :( The Den Depot sells dens! There is a new settings page. Just click the Metal Gear on the Top Right!
I think the 999 days remaining is definatly a glitch. I hope it isn't though...
OMG! WE CAN ACTUALLY BRING MONKEYS BACK TO JAMAA! We already donated 50 million gems, if we go up to 100 million gems, AJ will bring monkeys back to Jamaa!
Mr. Samurai Penguin is back. :l
Time for the items!

At Jam Mart Furniture:
A cute little Mailbox for non-members, and members!
At the Sol Arcade:

                                                          At the Summer Carnival:

All the other plushies (including Freedom Plushies) are on sale! Get them while they don't cost to much!

                                                          At The Mystery Emporium:
The finally named the horse statue! That's it for now!


  1. hey everyone!! this is how u get rid of a spider:
    1. keep screaming at it
    2.take it away with a napkin!!
    thats it for now!!

  2. i wish i still had meh fox hat :'( go to the scammer alert page SHES WEARING MEH FOX HAT >:O

  3. itz right under modern house item it says scammer alert!

  4. ya! credit to anoymanus for teling il report her :)


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