Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Early Update!

Hi jammers! Today's update is should be on Thursday, but apparently they decided to release it today! Here is the Jamaa Journal!
 Cool, a Fantasy Castle den! Here are some pictures of my fantasy Castle den!

This den is really big! Although, it is pretty cool! But that's my opinion.

Thjere is a new game Falling Phantoms! Here is a picture on what you need to do.
You and other players have to run away from the phantoms. The new Map features are also really helpful!

 It shows you were shops are, Videos, and where major pet shops are!

This page did not change at all... Click this link to go to the Crystal Sands Journey Book Guide!Crystal Sands Journey Book Guide!
It looks like there is a new Costume corner in the Jamaa Journal now! So far, I think this costume looks really cool!
They are still organizing the Pet Contest.  Foxes are now coming to Jamaa! Two more weeks of waiting. =.=
There is also a new Freedom Party!
I'll post that later. And now for the new items!
At Jam Mart Clothing:

The Samurai Helmet the featured at Costume Corner! Rare Butterfly Glasses? I guess AJ made an mistake. I guess they might be available today only so buy them quickly!

                                                                    At Jam Mart Furniture:

Cool, a Curved Sofa! It also looks like the Council Day Banner turned into a Freedom Banner!
                                                                   At the Summer Carnival:
Awkward.... That's the update! Have a Jamtastic day jammers!


  1. LOL! DreadLocks! Funn-i! And i just came back from vacation!Yay! i have a computer again. I do on my iPod, i brought that but, i dont no the loveland CO city internet code. So.. IM back!

  2. I is mad. Me want foxies. I loves foxies. Me favorite animal.

  3. O.o u crazy? there out now...


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